LifeTec Homes is a vertically integrated building collective focused on developing high-tech sustainable structures and communities without compromising modern-day luxuries or conveniences. LifeTec Homes is a strategic partner of Robert Plarr, licensed to build and market PLARSS Sustainable Structures World-Wide.

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PLARSS Sustainable Structures' Point-Of-Use Systems


Air is always Point-Of-Use every time we breath.

So, we filter and oxygenate ours with plants.

Plants provide massive increase in POU oxygen levels.

Oxygen levels in Green Healthy Homes are superior to common homes due to the indoor gardens and non toxic finishes.

Indoor air quality is one of the EPA’s top five environmental risks to public health.


Redundant water supply and storage systems.

Whole home filtration system create Alkaline and Acidic water supplied at Point Of Use (POU) filtration stations throughout the home.

Alkaline or mineralized water has highly beneficial health properties based on decades of studies.

Acidic water may also be used for home and body as a natural Biocide (Organic Pesticide) for the plants.


Clients can choose from a range of redundant power options catered to their environments and needs.

Standards include Solar and/or Wind with Advanced Battery backup.

Choices for upgrades may include such features as Geothermal, Biofuel Generator Back Up, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, On-Site Gasification, On-site Fueling and/or Charging Stations, and more.


Essentially a Live-In Greenhouse designed to grow ornamental trees, edible, medicinal, aromatic and herbal plants.

Ingestible plants are grown in customizable, timer-controlled, drip-irrigated, high-density, vertical-growth arrangements.

Indoor Rainforests' create aesthetically appealing settings, superior air quality, and when maximized for food capacity, have monumental effects on personal and family dietary health.

A History of Pioneering Sustainability

LifeTec Homes' partner Robert Plarr is the visionary innovator of the Science of Sustainable Integration. Since the 1970′s, Robert Plarr has been a famed environmental pioneer, visionary, entrepreneur, and a lightning rod in the SUSTAINABLE and GREEN movement. Robert is a man of action, a former Recon Marine, athlete and fitness teacher.

In 1975, Plarr built a 45,000 watt wind-turbine and an earth sheltered passive-solar experimental home. Inside the amusement park, he implemented one of the world’s largest windmills, built an Energy and Sustainable Educational Center, and hosted the “World’s First Inland Surfing Championship” inside a wave pool.

In the early 2000's in Taos New Mexico Plarr built a 5,000 sq ft underground solar green home, and then an 11,000 sq. ft totally off grid, waste and water recycling, hydrogen / solar / wind powered wellness retreat, and green technology incubator. Plarr has been featured in print, radio, talk shows, CBS, ABC, NBC, and World News stations.

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